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Github History Vandalism as a Service



The unbroken chain of pointless Things-as-a-Service continues. This one uses my Uncle Clive service (via my Dead Cockroach service) to generate a script suitable for vandalising your Git commit history (my account is probably displaying an example right now).



Will return a bash script which, when run locally, will:

  • initialise a local git repo named :repo
  • create a series of empty commits
  • push the repo to

The commits will be structured such that they will 'write' the first six characters of :text on the Github commit calendar using the 1982 Sinclair Spectrum character set. There is a limitation in that the Spectrum font is 8 units high, and the Github calendar has a height of 7 (see for an explanation of how this is handled).

All of the above assumes that you can do public-key authentication to Github from the box on which you're running this.

Usage example

Create a new, disposable Github repo, then try this:

GRAFFITI=`echo "© 1982" | sed "s: :%20:g"`


  • You should start with a fresh repo each time, both locally and on Github. The script makes no attempt to create a new Github repo, and it certainly doesn't try to delete anything from there. If you can't work out how to do this safely, you probably shouldn't use this service.
  • If you decide this isn't for you after all, just delete the repo and it will all go away.
  • This owes a massive debt to Gelstudios' splendid Gitfiti.
  • I've made a commit-history video using Gource.
  • I gave a talk about this at EMF Camp 2014, the slides are here and there's video here.